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Experience the Power of Agronomic Wellness

Why Choose Poitier and Associates?

At Poitier and Associates, we are committed to redefining healthy eating, climate change mitigation, and wellness by integrating agriculture, gardening, and human health. Our unique approach focuses on connecting with nature and cultivating the earth for holistic well-being.

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Growing Healthy Food

Nature-Centric Approach

Expert Agronomic Consultants

Transform Your Well-being

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Explore Our Services

Discover how our agronomic wellness classes can elevate your health and vitality. Join us in exploring the natural path to well-being.

Choose the Consultation That Fits You Best

Engage in our urban farming, gardening, and agronomic wellness consultations and experience the profound impact on your overall well-being. Start with a complimentary consultation with our experts.

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Meet Our Agronomic Consultants

At Poitier and Associates, our team of agronomic consultants is dedicated to empowering individuals through urban gardening and nature-centric wellness practices. Get to know the driving force behind our transformative approach.


Katrina Poitier

Lead Agronomic Consultant

Katrina is dedicated to promoting wellness through sustainable agronomic practices. Her expertise in agriculture and human health has transformed numerous lives.


Coy Poitier

Agricultural Specialist

Coy's passion for sustainable gardening and agriculture has made him an invaluable asset in promoting holistic well-being.

Coy Landyte Poitier

Coy Poitier

Assist. Market Manager

Coy's knowledge of gardening and market management plays a vital role in supporting the daily operations of our vibrant farmers market.

Begin Your Wellness Journey

Explore the Impact of Agronomic Wellness

Connect With Nature

Duration 25:30

Experience the transformative power of agronomic wellness through our featured video. Witness the connection between nature and human health.

The Agronomic Advantage

Growing Healthy Food

Grow your own food for a healthier lifestyle. Start exploring gardening today

Nurtures Mental Health

Explore the profound impact of agronomic wellness on mental clarity and emotional well-being.

Fosters Environmental Harmony

We prioritize sustainability and use climate-smart techniques to protect the planet. Join us for an eco-friendly future.

Cultivates Holistic Balance

Experience the holistic balance achieved through our unique intersection of agriculture, gardening, and human health.

"The earth has music for those who listen." - Shakespeare

Stay Connected with Nature

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Agriculture and Urban Gardening Consultants

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