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The Agronomic Wellness Method

Poitier and Associates is a top agronomic wellness consulting firm that focuses on the relationship between agriculture, gardening, and human health. Our F.I.T.N.SS Initiative, which stands for Food, Innovation, Technology, Nutrition, Education, Science, and Sustainability, is at the core our mission. We believe that connecting with nature and cultivating the earth can have a profound impact on our overall well-being.

Cultivating Awareness in Agronomic Living

At Poitier and Associates, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyle by integrating agronomic awareness into everyday living. Our goal is to create a balanced and healthy future for our clients by harmonizing practices with personal well-being. Through our Urban Agriculture services, we aim to bring culturally diverse and healthy food to the communities that need it the most. One of our innovative methods is aeroponic container farming, which allows for efficient and sustainable food production.

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Your Partner in Sustainable Urban Farming

At Poitier and Associates, LLC, we are dedicated to addressing food insecurity, chronic disease, and hunger in communities of color in Dallas County, Texas. Through Poitier Farms, we offer year-round production of healthy culturally diverse food using our eco-friendly indoor farm, market, and consulting services.

Transform Unused Space into a Profitable Asset

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What are Container Farms?

  • State-of-the-art, indoor farms housed in repurposed shipping containers.

  • Utilize aeroponic technology: Plants grow without soil, their roots misted with nutrient-rich water.

  • Highly efficient use of space: Vertical growing maximizes yield in a compact footprint.

  • Year-round production: Controlled environment ensures consistent harvests, regardless of weather.


Why Container Farms?

  • Profitable: Generate significant revenue by growing high-demand, locally-sourced produce.

  • Sustainable: Reduce water usage by 90% compared to traditional farming. No pesticides or herbicides needed.

  • Community-Focused: Provide fresh, healthy food and educational opportunities.

  • Versatile: Can be installed on various properties (rooftops, parking lots, vacant land).

  • Marketable: Enhance your property's appeal and showcase your commitment to sustainability.

Our Services

  • Turnkey Solutions: Pre-built container farms ready for operation (starting at $150,000).

  • DIY Guidance: Expert consultation and support to build your own farm (starting at $70,000).

  • Ongoing Support: Training, maintenance, and marketing assistance to ensure your success.


90% Less Water Than Traditional Farming

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"Cultivating the soil is the greatest service one can offer to the world."

Agronomic Proverb

Agriculture and Urban Gardening Consultants

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